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Mogami has earned a reputation amongst professionals to be the finest cable in the World. Its cables are renowned for unmatched accuracy, extremely low noise, remarkable flexibility, ease of installation and superior quality and consistency. Engineers rave about its amazing clarity and silent background and installers swear by it, not at it!. Many people are surprised to learn that virtually every major recording facility is wired with Mogami. This means that just about any music you are likely to listen to has passed through Mogami somewhere in the recording chain. This is why Mogami is called the "The Cable of the PROS".

35 years ago scientists at Mogami began research into the causes for audible differences within signal cables. This research was groundbreaking, and controversial, as most engineers thought that all cables were the same and therefore should sound identical. Mogami's approach remains unique, and its team of serious audio listeners and theoretical physicists applied true scientific research to the problems of low-loss signal transfer. The result of this project lead to the development of Mogami Neglex cables, amongst others.

The Mogami philosophy is to offer the most accurate signal transfer possible. Accurate, means allowing as little change as possible to the original signal, while preventing noise. While this seems like a simple goal, in fact many cable companies actually attempt to alter the signal for what they perceive to be the "best sound", which is actually creating the most flattering distortions. This approach, however flattering, will forever alter what has flowed through it. This distortion may make some particular piece of equipment sound "better" at one frequency and worse at another do to unnatural enhancement. If a recording is made with such a cable, the essence of the original signal is lost forever.

There is no single magic bullet for cable design. Superior design is an appropriate mix of conductor material, dielectric, conductor geometry, fillers, jacket stiffness, etc. Only technical expertise combined with years of experience can result in the kind of performance that transcends the ordinary. Mogami uses only pure OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) for the best signal transmission. XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) insulation is employed for high dielectric strength and best dimensional stability. All Neglex audio cables are surrounded with our unique HDS (high density lapped spiral copper shield), which offers 100% coverage, even when flexed. It is the finest shield available for noise reduction at all audio frequencies.

Speaker cables are often the most coloured and problematic cables in an audio system, so improvements in this area are the easiest to identify. Most brands talk about large gauge, low resistance cables. While this approach minimizes overall decibel loss, and looks impressive, it does not adequately address frequency response variations. Mogami speaker cables exhibit low inductance to minimize current-voltage phase problems that are heard as frequency response errors. Our best sounding speaker cables are coaxial designs. We wrap the return line around the positive line and the impedance of the cable remains stable at any frequency. The Mogami speaker cable is immune to interference radiation into and out of the cable.

Mogami has also applied their considerable design expertise to a line of superb video cables. Most video cables are stiff and hard to handle due to the materials used in the manufacturing process. Mogami precision 75 ohm cable employs high purity stranded copper conductors and full coverage shielding designed to ensure ultimate video performance while also maintaining extreme flexibility for applications where cables are handled during use. Mogami also specializes in a line of ultra-miniature coaxial video and camera cables. All Mogami cable is manufactured solely in Mogamiís Japanese facility.

The range of MOGAMI cables include:

 Guitar and Instrument cables

 Microphone / Line cables

 Multicore / Snake / Loom cables

 High Quality Speaker cables

 High Definition 75 Ohm AV cables

  Specialist Video cables 

 Digital AES/EBU cables (110 Ohm)

 Miniature cables (all types)

 Console cables

 Digital Recorder Interface cables

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